Saving Venice From Floods

Venice is a city that is undergoing many changes, from the effects of climate change to difficulties managing the vast numbers of tourists. Learning about the ongoing issues with Venice is an important forewarning to what many cities will be facing in the future. How these challenges are tackled is an important debating topic, as there is no single answer to solve these problems.

NBC has written an interesting piece recently about the flooding that has occurred in the city. Over the next few decades, the city is expecting to have more of the area underwater and for longer periods of time. The fear is that sooner or later, areas will be totally underwater. While that is still a long way away, the answers to these pressing issues are still under discussion.

Level: B2 / C1

Materials included:

  • General discussion questions
  • Article
  • Listening task, gap fill
  • Video (The BBC) only a video, no activity is included with this, can be a warmer.
  • Grammar task
  • Line jumble task
  • Debate: Advantages and disadvantages
  • Debate topics

The BBC has also created a short video on the efforts to save the city.