Common Debating Phrases

common informal and formal debating phrases

Using the right language at the appropriate time is essential for any debate worth its salt. Use these phrases to help shore up your debating tone and style. Download Worksheets- PDF formatted Debate phrases and debating structure PDF Informal-phrases-and-structure PDF Formal phrases and structure PDF   Formal Section Phrases Opening the debate: [some nice opening, … Read more

30 Ways to Avoid Using the Word ‘Very’

extreme adjectives

How to make point as concise and as detailed as possible. A common mistake is to use very with adjectives to stress its importance in the sentence. This can easily be avoided thanks to the creation of extreme adjectives which offers the same function, but without the repetition. It’s quite common for people to use … Read more

How Structure A Classroom Debate For ESL Learners; And Free Rubric Printable

structuring a debate

Thorough planning and a clear debate rubric (marking strategy) are always great to have on hand when holding a classroom debate. In the event of having these two absent, you can always use our basic guide to holding a debate. This guide is intended for general use and you are encouraged to make adaptations where necessary.     … Read more

Linking Words

connect your ideas together

Linking words are an essential part in debates to expand your sentences and to avoid repeating the subject. Here we have complied a list of common linking phrases and some examples to help you use them. Linking words and phrases Addition – to add an idea additionally, and, also, apart from this, as well (as), … Read more