Net Neutrality – All Internet Traffic Should Be Treated Equally

The internet is a large network of computers working together to bring data to its users. This network functions efficiently because each member – or node – is helping to deliver other people’s data. By doing so it mean that every other node is able to have their data delivered as quickly as possible. This question is about if this should end. Would it be better if companies could have their data delivered faster. This means that the more a company spends to get their data the highest priority the more clicks and visitors they get. It no longer becomes a system with values every website and platform. Is this the right thing to do?

Level: Intermediate: B1/B2
Running Time: 90 minutes +

Materials included

This free lesson plan is suitable for adults, teenagers, and General English classes. Each plan includes:

  • A debate motion
  • A summary of the controversy
  • Points for both Pros and Cons
  • Language to use in a debate
  • Debate role cards to help identify student groups
  • An article
  • Statistics (true or false exercise)
  • Vocab for the topic


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Net neutrality – All internet traffic should be treated equally

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