Idioms for Debating and How to Use Them

Being able to mean what you say and say what you mean in a debate can cost you victory. Having short and memorable phrases on hand to help you make the most of your argument and present your ideas is critical. Using a just a few phrases can give you time to think, improve your spoken logic and make you sound more natural. idioms for debate poster

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a bone of contention: The choice of place for holiday turned out to be a real bone of contention in their sister this year.

as a matter of fact: As a matter of fact, I hate her very much.

at all costs: We must win at all costs.

be in two minds about smth: Well, I don’t know. I am still in two minds about buying this car.

be under no illusions: Am under no illusions about them wanting to rip us off.

by all means: By all means we will try to answer any questions, so feel free to ask.

on your own initiative: She realized that she had never done anything on her own initiative without the motivation of someone else.

without fail: The postman always comes at 10 o’clock without fail.

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