Democracy Is the Best Form of Government

Churchill once said “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that been tired from time to time”. Just like any complex system it is never perfect. So, are there any ways to improve democracy.

Level: Intermediate: B1/B2
Running Time: 90 minutes +

Materials included

This free lesson plan is suitable for adults, teenagers, and General English classes. Each plan includes:

  • A debate motion
  • A summary of the controversy
  • Points for both Pros and Cons
  • Language to use in a debate
  • Debate role cards to help identify student groups
  • An article
  • Statistics (true or false exercise)
  • Vocab for the topic


For more information on how to use this in the classroom, please have a look at our detailed post on using free lesson plans.

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Democracy is the best form of government

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