25 Debate Topics for Mature Learners

If you have ever needed to teach adults you’ll realise that much of your material for teens just simply won’t cut it. More often than not they need a more meaty subject to tickle their brains. Here is a selection that you can use in class, or even for business English classes.

  1. Are social networking sites effective, or are they just a sophisticated means for stalking people?
  2. Can torture be justified when used for national security?
  3. Should smart phones be banned in schools?
  4. Can peer pressure ever be used to motivate people?
  5. The government needs to prevent the production of non-educational video games.
  6. The death penalty should be reintroduced?
  7. Are women treated as objects by the advertising industry?
  8. Should the state mandate veganism?
  9. Does homework improve student achievement?
  10. Marriage no longer has a purpose in the 21st century
  11. Film stars make excellent role models
  12. Loans and usury are bad for society
  13. Are zoos just prisons for animals?
  14. Children under five need to be educated about sex and relationships
  15. Art is just as important as Science
  16. Have corporations destroyed the environment?
  17. Should there be a total ban on plastics?
  18. Have people become too dependent on technology?
  19. Do CCTV cameras actually solve crimes?
  20. Do higher salaries actually motivate people?
  21. Should products be advertised to children?
  22. Does age matter in a relationship?
  23. Are women paid an equal share for their work?
  24. Has the world become too globalised?
  25. Should everyone learn English?

Be sure to encourage all view to be heard. If you are brave enough, you can always play devils advocate, just to keep the conversation going. Be sure to share this article and comment below!