Ted Talk: We’re Building a Dystopia Just to Make People Click on Ads

The benefits and opportunities of machine learning (ML) algorithms translate to pioneering applications that can improve the way processes and tasks are completed. There are different ways to develop and use a machine learning system, so the benefits of a ML system are thus dependent on the way it is used for a particular purpose. … Read more

TED Talk: How the US Government Spies on People Who Protest — Including You

How the US government spies on people who protest -- including you | Jennifer Granick

Governments should protect individuals so they are not persecuted for their beliefs, lifestyle or sexual orientation. To this end, privacy is a must. While some supporters would argue that mass-surveillance programmes help in the fight against criminals and make the world safer, some detractors argue that –on the pretext of stopping terrorist attacks− some government … Read more

TED Talk: How to Separate Fact and Fiction Online

ted talk. how to tell fact from fiction online

Individual motivations for reading online news are certainly varied. The information posted online carries the imminent possibility of being false or incorrectly analysed. Hence, determining the truthfulness of online resources is a vital aspect to make the most out of the information we find on the news online. However, it remains an incontestable fact that, … Read more

TED Talk: Beware Online Filter Bubbles

Eli Pariser | TED2011 Beware online "filter bubbles"

Internet and tech companies are responsible for the filtering and personalisation of web results, determining how online users discover and act on information. There are many advantages that can be taken from web content personalisation. Relevance, speediness, and customisation can be included among them. However, it can be argued that the personalisation of web content … Read more