Business: The Big Debate on the Future of Work

the future of automation

By anticipating how robots and automated systems will shift the nature of the workplace, industries should be able to create new roles based on automation and thus improve the employment prospects of labour around the world. We have more lessons regarding changes in the business landscape here which can encourage further discussion. To download the … Read more

Business: JP Morgan’s Perspective on the Development of Islamic Finance

debate: islamic finance

Over the years, Islamic finance has grown at a rapid pace globally and is now a market worth trillions of dollars. However, it is Islamic finance’s ethical nature the one drawing the interest of non-Muslims clients, as it continues to address the challenges of reconciling the contrasting worlds of our modern business scenario and faith. … Read more

Business: Carbon Tax Through Cap and Trade

Carbon tax and trade

Our human influence on the earth is causing carbon dioxide amounts to increase. With heated debates on global warming, questions about what benefits the carbon tax will bring also remain. Companies and organisations see carbon taxation as a negative trait, while environmentalists would certainly view it as a very righteous thing. Based on the advantages … Read more

Business: Managing Security and IT Integration

Software security

During the last decades, OT and IT were developed and managed to maintain separate technology protocols, standards, governance models, and organizational units. Nevertheless, over the last few years, OT has been progressively adopting IT-like technologies. Though many security vulnerabilities keep showing up, the convergence of IT and OT will bring clear and tangible advantages to … Read more