Business: Corporate Social Responsibility at the Saïd Business School

Corporate Social Responsibility

Warmer questions Should companies be more involved in how society is run more fairly? Is it possible for companies to make society better? If companies are indeed a force for good, how can they be made accountable for their actions? Reading section The fluctuating needs within society drive business to recognise the broader landscape they … Read more

Business: Mercer’s View on Crowdsourcing and the Gig Economy

gig economy, crowd sourcing, AI, robotics

Finding new roles for redundant workers represents automated businesses’ next challenge. However, if used wisely and effectively –and disadvantages aside– automation technology can yield substantial opportunities for the future. There is an opportunity to relieve humans from repetitive, hazardous, and unpleasant labour in most scenarios. And there is, also, an opportunity for future automation technologies … Read more

Business: How Smart Is Today’s Artificial Intelligence?

How smart is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence has huge potential advantages. Some people are even of the view that the benefits of artificial intelligence prevail over the risks associated with it. Whether it is making a phone call or suggesting a near-by restaurant, AI is paving the way for more resourceful lives. However, giving power to machines may ease out … Read more